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Welcome to the summer 2018 edition of the newsletter. We hope you enjoy it! A special welcome if you are new to the Alexander Technique mailing list. We will not fill up your inbox as you will be only sent an e-newsletter about 3-4 times a year.

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Featured in this issue:

Special Offer: Free How to Breathe CD with every How to Breathe Book Offer

How to Breathe book by Richard Brennan 2017

The book How to Breathe was published last September in English, but it has already been published in nine other languages since then: Croatian, French, Spanish, Latvian, Estonian, Cyprian, Italian, Japanese and German. How to Breathe shows you how to relearn your natural rhythm of breathing which can in turn beneficially alter the way you think, feel and act. This book is filled with practical breathing techniques that you can use at home. By applying consciousness to the act of breathing you can become aware of harmful breathing habits which interfere with your breathing, and this will help you avoid them. As we breathe more than 2000 times a day it is important that we breathe as efficiently and effectively as possible.

How to Breathe CD by Richard Brennan

The How to Breathe CD is the perfect accompaniment to the book by the same title. It will also help you how to relearn your natural rhythm of breathing by taking you through a series of practical breathing techniques will help you rediscover how to breathe naturally. By applying consciousness to the action of breathing, you can become aware of harmful habits - and alleviate common breathing problems.

Tracks include: The movement of the breath, releasing muscular tension, extending the out-breath, The Whispered 'AH' Technique. Total running time: Approx 40 minutes.

To claim your free CD: please order the book at and email, to let us know that you've bought the book and wish to claim the free CD.

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Alexander Technique Immersion at the Emmaus Centre, Co Dublin, 14th - 18th May 2018

View of garden, Emmaus Centre, Co Dublin

Treat yourself to a residential Alexander Technique workshop over 5 days in a peaceful conference centre in a beautiful setting, with relaxed atmosphere near Swords, Co. Dublin.

The course is suitable both for people new to the Technique, and those who have had some experience. The course will include an individual session every day, from teachers and 3rd year training course students, as well as looking at everyday activities such as breathing and walking.

Starts Mon 10:00 AM, and ends Fri 2:30 PM. Residential cost €540. All meals, tuition and accommodation are included in the price. Although it is possible to take part in the course non-residentially for €320. To book, please contact Emmaus directly: Tel: 01 8700050, Email:, Website:

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Alexander Technique Holiday in Croatia, 19th - 26th May 2018

A view of a Croatian sunset over the sea

Come and join us for a week long Alexander workshop in beautiful Croatia. We have reserved rooms at the beautiful Stacija hotel, Kaštel Lukšić, Split, which is right on the Adriatic Sea and only 10 minutes from Split airport.

View of Croatia

The week is a balanced mixture of an Alexander course and a relaxing holiday with like-minded people. The workshop will run from 10.00am to 1.00pm each day (from Sunday to Friday), leaving you free for the rest of the day to swim, relax or explore the surrounding area. Wednesday is a free day to explore Split or visit one of the many nearby islands. The cost of the workshop is €275 and is booked separately from the hotel. The cost of the hotel starts at €60 per room per night including breakfast. To book the hotel either full board/half board/B&B please visit

View of Croatian harbour town

The Alexander teachers will be Richard Brennan, Aranka Fortwängler and Andreja Tokic.

Aranka Fortwängler became acquainted with the Alexander Technique in 1974 while studying music in Freiburg, Germany. She has been an Alexander teacher for over 35 years and has been the director of the Alexander Technique Teacher Training course in Freiburg since 1989. She was a founding member of the German society of the Alexander Technique teachers (ATVD), and was lecturing for many years at the Music Academy of Karlsruhe. She travels all over the Europe leading Alexander Technique workshops, many in Croatia - her country of birth.

Andreja Tokic is a teacher of the Alexander Technique, physiotherapist, occupational therapist and hypotherapist. She lives and works in Split. For 10 years she is has been involved in the work with Alexander Technique and qualified as a teacher of Alexander Technique in Freiburg, Germany with Aranka Fortwängler. In her private practice close to Split she works with children and adults with neurological issues. Her vison is to build an international center of the Alexander Technique in Croatia where the AT teacher training would be integrated in the work with the children and adults with neurological problems.

To book the Alexander workshop or for more information please contact Richard Brennan or telephone 00 353 91 555800.

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Four day workshop with Anne Johnson (USA), 29th May – 1st June 2018

Light pouring into woodland scene

Learning to Let It Happen

This workshop will explore the dynamic relationship between giving and receiving that lives in our personal use, our teaching, and Alexander's principles.

Giving our attention to the present moment with balanced awareness invites receptivity. From this place, we will explore:

Giving our weight to the earth; receiving an upward impulse.
Giving our outbreath to voice our desires; receiving inner presence.
Giving our attention to what we habitually like or dislike; receiving insight into new perspectives for both teaching and living.

Anne's workshop stems from her personal journey learning to trust that letting 'the right thing do itself' can indeed happen. Clearly voicing desires and releasing habitual interferences along the way helps facilitate this. From this means-whereby process, we improve the quality of our actions and connect more fully with our life purpose.

About Anne

Anne Johnson, Alexander Technique Teacher

Anne is a Certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique and a Registered Movement Educator since 1995. She is a practicing artist having received a B.F.A. in painting from American University in 1983.

She is a Teaching Member of the American Society of the Alexander Technique (AmSAT) and Alexander Technique International (ATI). Anne presented at the 10th International Alexander Technique Congress in Limerick in 2015, the AmSAT Annual Conference and General Meeting in Minneapolis, MN in 2016, the Freedom to Act Conference and the Freedom to Make Music Conference NYC in 2018. She will also present at the 11th International Alexander Technique Congress in Chicago, Illinois in August 2018.

Anne's experiences during her training certification in the Art of Breathing (2010) and the Art of Running (2017) continue to provide inspiration for her teaching.

Course Details

Dates: Tuesday 29th May – Friday 1st June 2018
Times: Tuesday 2.30 pm – Friday 12 noon
Venue: The Alexander Training College, Moycullen, Co. Galway
Cost: €200 for four days or €70 for one day
Suitable for: Anyone with previous Alexander Technique experience.
To Book: Please contact Richard Brennan on 091 555800 or email

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New: Five-week Tuesday morning class course near Galway

Alexander Technique Centre, Ireland, open session

Starting in September 2018 there will be a five week course on the Alexander Technique. This is suitable for complete beginners as well as for those who have had previous experience of the Technique. We will be covering topics such as relieving pain or stress and improving breathing, posture and confidence.

Class limited to 12. The pupil teach ratio will be 6:1 to give plenty of opportunity for individual attention. Teachers: Richard Brennan and Alazne Larrinaga.

Course Details

Dates: Tuesday 18th September – Tuesday 16th October 2018
Times: 10am till 12 noon
Venue: The Alexander Training College, Moycullen, Co. Galway
Cost: €120 for the 5 weeks including tea and coffee
Suitable for: Open to everyone
To Book: Places are limited so please book early. Please contact Richard Brennan on 091 555800 or email

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Training Course News

Celebrating Twenty Years

Champagne bottle

It will be exactly 20 years ago in September that the training course started here in Galway. It was the first Alexander training in Ireland and so far has been the only one of its kind here. In 1998 there were only 3 teachers in the whole of Ireland; today there are over 50. So far there have been 47 graduates from the training course helping a wide variety of people to become healthier or to perform better. There will be a special gathering on Friday October 26th at 8pm at the Alexander Centre to celebrate. Everyone welcome!

New Teachers Graduate from the training course

New graduates Grace Park and Richard Kinsella, Alexander Technique Centre Galway, 2017

Congratulations to Olive Rossiter, Mary Murphy and Barbara Bradby, who graduated as Alexander Teachers on the 21st March.

Olive and Mary will be setting up practices in the Galway area while Barbara will practice in Donegal.

We wish them the best of luck with their new careers. They will all make wonderful teachers and we hope that they will visit us soon.


Ever thought of becoming an Alexander teacher? To find out more about this very rewarding career please go to

There are two places available on the Alexander Technique Training Course starting in April, and three places in September. You can apply for either term anytime.

Discounts available for the summer term 2018 (starting April 17th). Also, it is possible to attend for part of the term, payment pro rata. Please enquire by emailing

Open Week in Galway, 8th - 11th May 2018

Have you ever considered exploring what the Alexander Technique has to offer, either for you own personal interest, or with a view to helping others? Then you may be interested in the Open Week at the college. During this week people can come to the college for a day or a week and join in on the sessions.

This week is only €25 a day and is open to everyone.

Please see for more information about the training.

Early booking advised as there are limited places for this week. To book a place please call 091 555800 or email

Visiting the Training Course

Informal group at Alexander Technique Training Centre, Galway, Ireland

Although the Training Course is primarily for those who wish to train to become Alexander Technique teachers, we do welcome those who wish to visit for a day, a week or even a whole term, by arrangement, to improve their own understanding of the Technique. It is an ideal environment for those who enjoy learning the technique in a group. You will receive individual sessions as well as join in group sessions on various subjects including standing, walking, sitting and breathing. You can pay by the day or the week.

Please see for more information about the training. To book a place please call 091 555800 or email

One year Postgraduate Diploma Course starting in September 2018 in Galway

Anyone who has completed a 3 year Alexander Technique teacher training course is welcome to apply. The course will include one hands-on lesson each day for yourself; working with people who have had little or no experience of the technique; how to start and sustain a successful practice teaching the Alexander Technique; and many other related topics such as neuroscience and how to read MRI reports.

Postgraduate teachers also include Glenna Batson, Wolfgang Weiser, Trish Hemingway and Vivian Mackie.

Cost: €995 per term.

Please contact Richard for full details 091 555800 or email

Term Dates 2018

Summar Term 2018

Start and end of term: Tuesday 17th April – Thursday 21st June
Mid-term break: 21st - 25th May
Visiting teacher: Anne Johnson, 29th May to 8th June

Autumn Term 2018

Start and end of term: Tuesday 18th September – Thursday 6th December
Mid-term break: 29th October - 2nd November
Visiting teacher: Aranka Fortwaengler, 23rd to 26th October

Course hours: Tues 2.30–6.30pm, Weds 9.30am–4pm, Thurs 9.30am–1.30pm, Fri 9–12 noon
NB Hours may change on weeks that visiting teacher is present.

For full details please visit:

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Short Courses with Richard Brennan

Richard Brennan, director of Alexander Technique Centre, Galway, Ireland

Forthcoming Introductory and Intermediate short courses led by Richard Brennan are given below.

For booking information and further details about the short courses below, please visit our short courses page. Please note that you are also welcome to visit the college for intermediate training. For courses run by other qualified teachers, see also the ISATT course page.

Esker Retreat Centre, Athenry, Co Galway
4th - 6th May 2018
Back In Balance: Residential Weekend Workshop
€165 (€110 non-residential)

Emmaus Centre, Lissenhall, Swords, Co Dublin
14th - 18th May 2018
Alexander Technique Immersion: Residential Five Day Course

Stacija hotel, Kaštel Lukšić, Split, Croatia
19th - 26th May 2018
Residential week-long workshop in a beautiful hotel right on the Adriatic Sea
€275 for the workshop plus cost of the hotel starting at €60 per room per night including breakfast

Emmaus Centre, Lissenhall, Swords, Co Dublin
6th - 7th October 2018
Back In Balance: Residential Weekend Workshop
€195 (non residential €145)

Esker Retreat Centre, Athenry, Co Galway
23rd - 25th November 2018
Back In Balance: Residential Weekend Workshop
€165 (€110 non-residential)

Rebro hotel, Kišpatićeva 12, Zagreb, Croatia
12th - 16th December 2018
An introduction to the Alexander Technique open to everyone
Non-Residential Five Day Course

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